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A Little About Me

Just a normal twenty-something lady blogging her way through life, love and a huge stationery, candle, fashion and beauty shopping addiction - and everything in-between.
Firstly, calling myself a lady seems a bit optimistic seeing as I have a penchant for toilet humour, crass jokes and general banter. However my mother tells me that at my age I can no longer be referred to as a 'girl'. Sob.

And so, Lady Writes was born! Ta-da!

In 'real' life I'm the Head of Social Media for a property investment and training company and a mummy to a 5 year old blonde haired potential heartbreaker. I love cupcakes. And shiny things. Oh, and anything pretty.

I started blogging years ago and was nominated for some national awards when I focused my blogging efforts on parenting. After separating with my sons father and entering the world of lone-parenting (ranger style) I decided that a parenting blog wasn't the direction I wanted to continue in and spent time freelancing, guest writing and copywriting for lots of agencies, brands, websites and blogs. At the beginning of 2015, I started a brand spanking new blog called 'Lady And the Fiend' and entered the dating/relationship blog arena. Over the previous months this has morphed into a more lifestyle (bit of everything girlie really) blog, and so, 'This Lady Writes' was born.

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