#Pabchat (Pick A Blogger - Twitter Chat)

Twitter Chat Every Sunday 5pm-6pm GMT With Guest Hosts EVERY Week.

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So you're a Blogger and you are looking to connect with others with the same interests as you? WELL... #Pabchat is the place to be EVERY Sunday 5pm - 6pm GMT. We cover a whole range of topics to do with Blogging, such as Newbie Bloggers, Confidence, Tips and Advice and much, much more. A Perfect place to mingle, find new friends and readers PLUS be part of a friendly community

#PABChat (Pick A Blogger Chat)

Twitter chats these days are proving to be VERY beneficial to Bloggers when it comes to connecting and networking with other bloggers.

The difference with #PabChat to any other twitter chats is that we aim for the host to be more intimate with fellow bloggers by allowing them to be in full control of when questions are being asked and answered.

This way those invloved are able to get to know the host much more quickly and engage in that One to One experience as well as being involved in a group situation at the same time.

I Have Never Hosted Before

You do not need to have hosted a chat before to host #Pabchat as all levels of experience is welcome.

"What Preparation Do I Need To Host?"

All the Prep you will need is:

  • A Topic of your choice
  • 4-5 questions of that chosen Topic
  • Although we announce and promote your session info it is an idea that you also promote your session too and try to network with as many people as you can before your session begins.
  • Prepare to be available for the time the session starts as people tend not to hang around if the session starts late

"Will I Be On My Own For The Duration Of The Session?"

No, you will be in full control of the session but we will also be there too, to monitor the session and aim to continuously add numbers to the group as well as RT'ing questions that have been given to late comers.

By getting involved with our sessions you could potentially:
  • Gain More Readers
  • Gain More Twitter Followers
  • Get Your Blog Noticed
  • Build Your Confidence
  • Interact With All Types of Bloggers
  • Get Your Questions Answered
  • Be Part Of A Friendly Community

If you would like to Host you will first need to sign-up to a ELITE Membership OR register as a FREE Member.
By doing so you will have access to our #PABChat application form which is located in our Membership Zones.

"How Many Times Can I Apply?"

As a Membership holder you are ablog to apply as many times as you like to any dates that are available.


To become a Host you will need to register FREE and complete our PABChat Application form located in our Member Areas